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Beer Review #7

Posted by on April 26, 2012

During my day job, I do a lot of stories about fishing. It truly is one of the few unifying forces for people in Devils Lake. So I got a chuckle out of this beer, because it captures the spirit of my town.

Beer: Big Sky Brewing Company’s Montana Trout Slayer

Origin: Missoula, Montana

ABV: 4.7%

IBUs: 35

This beer is pretty. It has a dark golden hue, more tan than yellow. The head is soft, like a cloud. I want to use it as a pillow. There is also a fresh smell to this beer. There’s a faint fruity hint to this ale. It’s incredibly enticing.

The first sip is delightful. The first thing I notice is a fruity taste which matches the smell. It’s a little stronger though. I can’t quite put my finger on what the sweet taste exactly is.

The sweetness fades into an earthy taste. It’s almost annoyingly bitter, but it’s a nice chance of pace compared the the sweetness that proceeded it. This beer feels like it lingers on your tongue. The faint bitterness just doesn’t leave. This gets compounded by each additional sip. It’s like the bitterness builds up on the tip of your tongue. It never overpowers you, but the beer becomes less enjoyable as you drink it.

Food you could drink this with: The flavor isn’t overpowering, so it won’t clash with much. The sweetness probably wouldn’t pair well with a well-done steak, but I doubt the beer would ruin a meal.

Verdict: The beer starts off well and looks gorgeous, but the finish is a letdown for me. If I have other options, I probably won’t be slaying trout any time soon.

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