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Posted by on August 2, 2012

Sometimes my job requires me to travel to far away towns with populations I could count on my fingers and toes.

Sometimes, to get there, I have to drive through more small towns I’ve never visited before.

Sometimes, those town have speed limit signs that I miss completely, due to a lack of familiarity with the area.

Sometimes, a law enforcement officer notices my speed not adhering to the posted limit (that I completely missed).

Sometimes, the flashing lights come out and I pull off to the side of the road, cursing under my breath.

Sometimes, the sun shines and the birds sing, and the cop believes your (TRUE!) story, and lets you off with a warning.

Sometimes, like today.

Thanks, officer.

2 Responses to Sometimes

  1. Chuck Bush

    I always enjoy your posts. You should post more.
    Glad you didn’t get a ticket.

    • Adam Ladwig

      Thanks! It’s too easy for me to forget about this little blog. I’ll try to stay on top of it more!