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Blinky the Clown

Posted by on August 27, 2012

“Aww, what a cute baby Adam!” ~Someone…maybe

Now this video, this video shows a treasured memory from my childhood. I appeared on “Blinky’s Fun Club” for my 2nd birthday. This aired on September 10, 1990. Blinky was the alias of Russell Scott, a fixture on Colorado TV for 40 years. He spent the vast majority of his career at KWGN-TV in Denver. Blinky ended each show with a song, singing “Happy Birf’day” to a group of kids. It was a highlight of multiple generations of Colorado children to have Blinky sing to them.

Unfortunately, Blinky died today. He was 91 years old.


Russell Scott: 1921-2012

Blinky was a childhood idol of mine. He might have been the first one. Appearing on his show is one of my earliest memories. His kindness radiated on the screen and his simple message was just to tell kids stay out of the street. I firmly believe that Blinky’s magic made me want to be on screen.  He planted the seed that led me to the career I have today. Heck, you can tell as much by how I charged the camera in the video as soon as he uttered my name. Blinky’s Fun Club led to doing the elementary school announcements, which led to journalism and video production classes in high school, which led to journalism, the only career path I’ve ever seriously considered.

I told him how much he influenced me last year when I drove 200 miles from Nebraska to Morrison, Colorado for his 90th birthday party.

A piece of my childhood died today, but I was just one of countless millions of children he influenced. That’s the hallmark of legend.

2 Responses to Blinky the Clown

  1. Chuck Bush

    What a nice tribute to your idol. I’m sorry for your loss.

  2. Maura

    Warm regards,